We are planing to built Gaming-Rooms all over the world, where E-Gamers could celebrate and enjoy their hobby on a professional way. Meet other Gamers directly in our location and built Teams for the next competition. Make your strategy, train your fight to win against other registered gaming-rooms-locations and get the chance to win prizes / cash-prizes for you and the hole team. All gaming-rooms-locations will have the same high requirements and we will control during each event that cheating has no chance, so that you can focus to play the objective.

Each location will have a minimum of 32 high end Gaming-PCs and also 8 VR-Gaming-Stations. 

Come with your friends and enjoy together the world of Virtual-Reality!


That's the plan and now we have to realize it! 

Our Kickstarter Project fails, but we never give up!


"From Gamers for Gamers"


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